County health director quits

Graham County Health Dept. Director Alicia Parham has resigned after 25 years. Friday was her final day.
“I can see great potential in the employees at our health department and their eagerness to help others. In viewing this potential, I see
that my position as health director has become a detriment to that growth,” Parham wrote in her resignation letter. “Part of the trials that I have faced over the last five and six years has trickled down from governance to governance to the point that it has now developed into a pattern that cannot be changed.”
Parham’s resignation comes on the heels of disciplinary action against her by the Graham County Board of Health. On June 29, the board recomended a two-week paid suspension, “Due to the lack of proper and timely response to the blood-borne pathogen incident” at a local business on June 16.
A source with first-hand knowledge of the incident said the business owner sought direction from Parham on how to clean up blood and body fluids of a man found unconscious in the restroom, but days passed without a response.
Friday, the health board recommended that Graham County Manager Becky Garland be interim Health Dept. director.
Parham opened and ended her resignation letter with positive expressions. “During this time I have grown to love helping others and leading the way in innovative approaches to working with the public and providing services and assistance to the public with limited resources.” She closed by writing, “I wish the best for Graham County Public Health, especially with their role of providing services and protecting the public. I leave you with a scripture of Philippians 4:13: ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ God be with all.

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