Did tazing erase accused's memory?

Does Jack Slaughter, the Robbinsville resident awaiting trial for first-degree murder, recall the events that occurred before he was arrested for the crime he is charged with?

That’s the question at the heart of a motion Slaughter’s attorney Victoria Jayne said she submitted to the Superior Court.

Monday, Jayne told The Graham Star that she had located two “experts” who believe that repeated tazing can result in memory loss. 

Slaughter claimed that Graham County Sheriff’s personnel and others tazed him 16 times on April 5, 2012, the night he was arrested as a murder suspect. Slaughter later withdrew his lawsuit and accepted a $5,000 from Graham County’s insurance carrier.

 A taser is a high-voltage stun gun law enforcement officers use to subdue combative subjects.

Slaughter, 52, is accused in the stabbing death of 60-year-old Robert Smith.

Slaughter is being held in the Cherokee County Jail. Pre-trial motions are being herard this week. 

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