Ethan Ramsey returns to roots

 Robbinsville High School 2014 graduate Ethan Ramsey is thrilled to be returning to Grace Christian Academy, the school that shaped him during his formative years.
     Ramsey, who recently graduated from Garder-Webb, will teach third and fourth grade at the private school in Bryson City.
“I first encountered Grace Christian Academy when I was four years old. We had just moved to the area and my parents enrolled me in the school’s preschool program. I would end up staying at the school for nine years,” Ramsey said.     
   “The excitement and gratitude I have in returning to the school I attended for nine years is difficult to convey!”
Ramsey acted quickly when the door of opportunity opened.
“While at Gardner-Webb, I decided to pursue a degree in teaching, and graduated this past May after successfully completing a semester student teaching. As graduation approached, I was unsure where a job would take me,” Ramsey stated. “Thankfully, the Lord opened a door for me the day of graduation! My principal from Grace Christian Academy came to the graduation, and after talking, offered me a teaching position at the school. After prayer and consideration with my fiancé – now wife – I accepted the job.
Ramsey credits teachers at Grace, and later, Robbinsville High School, with providing a him firm foundation.
“While at Grace Christian Academy, I gained invaluable skills, both academic and social. The firm foundation I gained at the school helped me earn a full tuition scholarship at Gardner-Webb University as a senior in high school,” Ramsey said.
This has been a big year for Ramsey – graduation from college, a job offer, marriage in June, and soon, the beginning of a career.
“My excitement is due in part to my experience with Grace Christian Academy as a student – I know first hand how effective the school is at providing students with a firm foundation rooted in Christian values that enable them to achieve successes later in life,” Ramsey said. “The curriculum provides students with a rigorous course of study, and parents can see the course pay dividends at an early age. For example, students are taught to read in preschool through an in-depth study in phonics.”
Ramsey is obviously excited about returning to Grace Christian Academy. And he’s absolutely thrilled about at least one faculty member – his wife has been hired to teach kindergarten.

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