Fighting cancer with sweet treats

"I remember exactly how she put it," Raylee recalled. "She said it was like there was a bully inside of her. I remember it scared me."

Don’t underestimate kids’ ability to comprehend cancer.
Raylee Knott recognized the dreaded disease for what it was way back in first grade.
Raylee was sitting on the carpet in Mrs .Nichols’ elementary school classroom when her teacher explained she was sick with something called cancer.
“I remember exactly how she put it,” Raylee recalled. “She said it was like there was a bully inside of her. I remember it scared me.”
Four years later, Raylee figured out a way to help fight the bully in Miss Nichols, who was not only her teacher, but mother of her best friend Aubree.
“I had this idea of having a bake sale to raise 10-year-old fifth grader.
Her father Warren, Robinsville Elementary School’s assistant principal, promised his support.
“Miss Nichols was one of my classmates,” Warrett recalled. “She was one of the sweetest people.”
But Miss Nichols was-n’t the only one deserving the help of an impessionable little girl.
“Dad said there were two other teachers; so decided to do all three,” Raylee said.
Raylee turned to the best baker she knew, grandma Pam, master of cinnamon rolls, cookies, cupcakes and brownies.
Raylee’s best friend, Aubree Nichols and family friend Ginger Cody also helped.
And dad spread the word. “We asked other teachers if they wanted to bake,” Raylee said,
Those who didn’t bake, contributed cash.
The bake sale was a success. “We ran out of stuff,” Raylee said.
“Ingle’s had to finish us off,” Warren recalled.
The little girl raised $800 for the teachers. “They were really touched,” Warren said.
So was Raylee’s mom Shannon, herself a cancer survivor. “She was carrying Raylee when she was diagnosed,” Warren recalled.
No wonder Raylee felt a strong desire to help.
“I felt good,” Raylee said. “Miss Nichols was really happy and that made me happy.”
Miss Nichols is also feeling good in her fifth year of battling her bully.
“She’s doing good,” Aubree said.

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