Future is now at RHS

Young Einsteins displayed the workings of their brilliant minds Thursday at the fourth annual Family Science Night at Robbinsville High School.

Hundreds of people turned out to see dozens of how-it-works exhibits ranging from a hovercraft to mechatronics to a planetarium. Each exhibit was presented by two to four students.

“Every student at each table could explain to anybody asking why what was occuring in front of them was happening,” remarked RHS Science teacher Melissa Duckworth. “It’s like a magic show that gives away the tricks.”

One of the most interesting exhibits was a hovercraft designed by Copper Cable and Skyker Sawyer.

“There’s a fan, which inflates the bag on the underside of the board,” Cable said. “And the holes poked in the underside of the bag lift and move the board slightly.”

The hoverboard isn’t Cable’s first unique science project. 

   “I have been interested in science since the fifth grade,” Cooper said. “The earliest experiment I can remember doing that I did by myself was on a seventh grade project. I made elephants toothpaste.” 

Joshua Hooper’s Amazing Mechatronics also attracted lots of interest. “I used open-source software to code the LED lights on this board to light up when I want them to,”  Hooper said.

Other projects were recently featured at the Science and Engineering Fair at Western Carolina University, like Christian Rogers’ presentation on the Stroop Effect.

The event was as fun as it was educational. Kids enjoyed a scavenger hunt and an inflatable planetarium. 

 “This isn’t a competition,” Duckworth said. “It’s just a fun night of learning.”

On March 25, the high school’s top scientists will compete in the North Carolina Science Olympiad at the University of North Carolina Asheville.


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