High-speed Internet study underway here

Graham County residents are encouraged to take a brief survey to demonstrate the need locally for high-speed internet service.
“It will show whether or not you are getting what you’ve paid for from your current internet service provider and it will demonstrate just how critical it is for our households and businesses to have access to true high-speed internet,” said Sophia Paulos, economic development director for Graham County. “If you own a business, vacation rental, or know folks with second homes in the county, please complete the survey for each.”
The survey is sponsored by the Southwest Commission and the Mountain West Partnership, groups working with the county.
The survey will identify actual speeds available and collect information on demand for services from respondents.
“This is a first step in getting increased service for our county and region,” remarked GREAT Director Rick Davis.
The survey needs to be completed from residents’ home computers.
“Last year, Graham County took our Broadband initiative to the next level and it spread throughout the region,” Paulos said. “Please feel free to share this email with your neighbors, family, and friends in the County and to contact me with any questions or concerns. Many thanks in advance for your help in bringing high-speed internet to Graham County.”
Take the survey at http://mountainwest.baat-campaign.com/#Main.

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