'Pussycat' Slaughter returning to court

"Jackie comes across as a pussycat to me. I've never had a problem with him, " Phillips said.

The attempted murder charge against a repeat offender his attorney calls a “pussycat” is proceeding even though the alleged victim didn’t appear at last month’s indictment.
Jackie Slaughter, 55, returns to Cherokee County Civil Court on July 24 on charges of attempted first degree murder for allegedly slashing an Andrews man.
“The victim didn’t show so the State dismissed the case with leave and then they took it back. That’s very unusual,” said Murphy attorney Leo J. Phillips, the court-appointed lawyer representing Slaughter. And he doesn’t have a problem with the Robbinsville man charged with first-degree murder in 2012 and charged with attempted first-degree murder in May 2017.
“Jackie comes across as a pussycat to me. I’ve never had a problem with him,” Phillips said. When asked if he’s defended Slaughter before, Phillips replied, “I might have.”
Jury selection is a long way off. Phillips said he expects to file motions when Slaughter appears on July 24. “Probably motions for discovery and a motion for a private investigation,” Phillips said.”We have even got discovery yet.”
Slaughter is being held on a $50,000 secure bond at the Cherokee County Detention Center.
Slaughter is charged with slashing 30-year-old Cody White of Andrews and leaving him “near lifeless,” authorities said. White was found on the porch of his aunt’s West Memorial Drive home in Andrews, bleeding from a 15-inch cut according to Cherokee County Sheriff Derrick Palmer. White was airlifted to Erlanger hospital in Chattanooga. He recovered and returned home.
Slaughter has been arrested more than 75 times in 32 years. Most of the arrests have been drug charges.
In April 2013, Slaughter was charged with murdering 60-year-old Robbinsville resident Bob Smith. Slaughter was set free in August 2016 when Judge Bradley Letts granted a motion to dismiss first-degree murder charges. Judge Letts ruled that “repeated tasings” by law enforcement officers constituted “excessive force” and “caused irreparable damage to the defense” of Slaughter. “Whether or not these memories may hold exculpatory evidence for the defense will never be known,” Judge Letts wrote in his decision.
“In meeting our client, it became clear pretty soon that he could not relay the facts to us about things that had happened. He had little memories of being in that room and being tased,” remarked Slaughter’s attorney at the time, M. Victoria Jayne. “Jackie may have had some information that some harm was going to come to Bob.”
Slaughter’s former attorney believes Slaughter is the first accused murderer to be freed due to a defense of excessive force by use of taser, a device that emits an electric shock through probes shot from a taser gun.
“There was no other remedy here. It was such a flagrant constitutional violation,” Jayne said. “It was nothing but torture. I think my client is lucky to be alive.
Jayne remains adamant that Slaughter is innocent of the crime he’s accused of. “We felt like we had several other suspects based on what we learned to be the time of death. It was much earlier than what the discovery showed. The man had been dead longer.”
“We have a really good idea who it is,” Jayne’s investigator Dan Carlson remarked.
“We know who it isn’t – it isn’t Jackie Slaughter,” Jayne added. “The case is unsolved.”

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