Slaughter charged in kidnap

Jackie Slaughter, who had first-degree murder charges against him dismissed six months ago, was arrested over the weekend in Cherokee County on a charge of first-degree kidnapping. 

Slaughter, 54, of Robbinsville, is accused of kidnapping a family member and bringing her to Cherokee County on Tatham Gap Road, Cherokee County Sheriff Derrick Palmer said. 

According to Palmer, the victim got away from Slaughter and called 911 while he was allegedly inspecting a car on someone’s property in the Tatham Gap area, resulting in a second degree trespass charge.

Palmer said Slaughter was “acting strange” during questioning at the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office. Specifically, Slaughter was trying to sit in a detention center vehicle. 

Probable cause could not be found for any charges beyond the trespassing, and the case was turned over to the SBI, which is also investigating the recent death of Slaughter’s wife, Sharon.

Asheville attorney Victoria Jayne, who presented the motion that resulted in dismissal of first-degree murder charges against Slaughter, says Jackie is mourning the death of his long-time wife.

“Jackie is devastated over his wife’s death,” Jayne said. “I’ve spoken to him over the phone and he is despondent and bewildered. Sharon was all he had as far as I can tell.” 

The SBI investigation led to a warrant for Slaughter’s arrest on the kidnapping charge in Graham County, which issued a warrant for his arrest.

Slaughter was accused of stabbing Robert Smith, 61, to death in his home in Robbinsville in 2012. Superior Court Judge Bradley Letts dismissed the first-degree murder charges against Slaughter after Jayne presented a motion that claimed Slaughter could not assist in his defense because his memory was erased when Graham County deputies (no longer employed by the department) repeatedly shot him with Taser guns. 

Slaughter has a court date in Graham County on Monday, Feb. 13, and one in Cherokee County two days later.  



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