Teen hit by vehicle

A 15-year-old visitor from Arkansas is recovering from non-life-threatening injuries suffered Wednesday when he was struck by a motor vehicle on the Ted Jordan Bridge in Robbinsville.

“He was running down the shoulder of the road,” reported North Carolina Highway Patrolman Kosal Thach. “He decided to cross the road like hewas going to the other shoulder. He was just jogging.”
    A vehicle driven by a local woman struck the boy, who hit the windshield.
    “The lady driving the vehicle tried, but couldn’t avoid it,” Trooper Thach said.
    The boy, who suffered cuts, scrapes and a possible concussion, was airlifted to Mission Hospital in Asheville.
    Trooper Thach praised the driver for being vigilant and slowing down from about 55 (the posted speed limit) to 30 when she saw the boy in the opposite lane.
    “She was actually paying attention,” Trooper Thach said. “The pedestrian has to yield to the vehicle.”

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