Where's the beef? In Robbinsville!

    Barry Levy missed his grand opening by a year, but his Moonshiners Steakhouse has hit a bullseye with diners who long clamored for a steakhouse that serves alcoholic beverages in Graham County.
    Yes, you can have an adult beverage – the restaurant is considered a resort since it has a tennis court – but the emphasis is on incredible food, not drink.
    “I do serve alcohol, but I don’t push it,” said Levy, who owns and operates the nearby Two Wheel Inn.
    Sure enough, there are no neon alcohol signs, no mirrors emblazoned with beer advertising slogans, no materials promoting booze.
    At Moonshiners Steakhouse, the emphasis is on the last name, not the first.
    “Our steaks come out beautiful,” Levy remarked. “We have the same equipment as [world famous] Ruth Chris Steakhouses.”
    “For a third of the price,” chimes in Barry’s son Baron, who sharpened his butchering skills during 18 years a meat manager at Publix, Ingles and Meier, and two years as a buyer for an independent butcher.
    Baron’s not kidding. Moonshiners Steakhouse steaks are downright affordable. Only one cut – the 8 oz. filet mignon – is priced above $20.
   Moonshiners’ 12-ounce New York strip is $17. The 16-ounce New York Strip at Ruth Chris Steak House in Asheville is $46. Moonshiners’ 16-ounce T-bone is $20. Ruth Chris’ 24-ounce T-bone is $53.
    Chef Baron insists his food is as good as you’ll get at any steakhouse.
    “Everything is cut here. Everything is made here. Nothing is frozen,” Baron said.
    That includes Baron’s 8-ounce burgers, which are priced from $6 to $10.
    “We make our hamburgers in house with a special family recipe,” Baron said. “I promise you’ll never want one from anywhere else.”
    Speaking of family recipes ...
    “We make our own breakfast sausage every day,” Barry said. “My son Baron is a butcher by trade. He can make any kind of sausage.”
    Barry is an electrician by trade, but he’s proved to be a savvy entrepreneur – perhaps even visionary.
    “I came up here and hung around for about a year and then I came up with an idea for a motel with garages for motorcycles,” Barry said. “Ron Johnson of Tail of The Dragon said ‘build it and they will come.’”
    Fourteen  years later, bikers are still flocking to Two Wheel Inn. And Barry’s been listening to them from day one.
    “I’ve listened to feedback for 14 years of people staying at motel,” Barry said.  “It’s just a dream come true. It’s been a dream for nine or 10 years. It took four years to build it.”
    And Barry dreams in Technicolor. Moonshiners Steakhouse is bright, roomy and inviting.
    The decor is hillbilly classy from the pine paneling to a wagon wheel chandelier to a copper still designed by Jim Tom of Moonshiners fame. Two 65’ TVs show sports and news. A 12’ project screen will show NFL games on Sundays.
    Moonshiners Steakhouse can accommodate 40 diners inside and 16 to 20 outside on the deck overlooking the tennis court.
    Moonshiners Steakhouse, on Tallulah Road in Robbinsville, is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day.

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