This Week in Local History: July 2, 2020


10 years ago

* Ronnie Hedrick recently purchased the Tapoco Lodge with plans to restore the lodge and its surroundings to its original grandeur of the 1930’s. The Lodge was built by the Tallahassee Power Company and bought by Alcoa to provide power for aluminum manufacturing.

* Swimmers are finding it hard to make All-Stars, as moving up to an older age bracket can make things tough. Even swimmers as talented as the ones from Graham County have to work hard to make the elite meet. Only two Knights have made All-Stars so far: Isaiah Phillips, placing in the 50 and 100-yard freestyles. Dylan Rogers made it to the 50-yard freestyle.

25 years ago

* Current president and long time wagoneer, Vincent Parker made the trip with the 38th Wagon Train this year. He made 30 of the 38 treks thru the mountains. His team of mules, now 32 years old, have made 32 trips and when the Wagon Train completed its journey on July 4 in Andrews, the mules will have traveled more than 4,400 miles.

* Cow Pie Bingo was sponsored by the Robbinsville Quarterback Club during the Heritage Festival. Bubbles Beasley and Jan Brooks both won $250 each.

50 years ago

* A Graham Star was not available.

-Diane West.