Ways to keep healthy during quarantine


Let’s admit the fact that the stay-at-home order related to the COVID-19 virus made everyone quite impatient, restless, upset and any other negative feeling you can think of.

Be wary of coronavirus protocol


I was reminded by historian Dr. Philip Jenkins, Baylor University, that pandemics and plagues were a normal occurrence in ancient and not so ancient times. 

'A volcano is erupting!'


April 1 … clear wonderful morning … members of the world dilemma think tank down at the Mule Barn coffee shop looked around.

“Anyone seen Dud this morning?”

Now is the time to open your ears and listen


Maybe you have heard the story of how the disciple Simon Peter received the nickname “Cephas” (Peter), which means rock. 

But did you know his given Hebrew name, Simon, means listen?