The word was made flesh


Athanasius’ fourth century work, On the Incarnation, is still recommended and read today as a primer to understand why God became human to redeem humanity. 

The power to pardon


The purpose of a Presidential pardon is to restore civil rights and other privileges of full citizenship, such as the right to carry a gun to felons convicted of federal offenses. 

Post-Thanksgiving thankfulness


It is now a week past Thanksgiving and I would like to share some post-thanksgiving thoughts. 

I believe that we can never think too much about what we can be thankful for.

Do we need the Electoral College?


The debates are debated. The conventions have convened. The election is over. The canvassing boards have canvassed. Frivolous litigation has been adjudicated. 

Keep pushin'


Has it really been 8½ months since a five-letter, two-number pandemic drastically altered the way we live our everyday lives?

Stop bullying others


Liam Hackett – CEO of Ditch the Label – said we live in a patriarchal and sexist society that holds masculinity on a pedestal and detests femininity.