The third way: second in a series


When I was young and a group of guys hollered rude comments at me and my friends, we reacted in three different ways: flight, freeze, or fight.

Accusations can taint a good name


Too bad Richard Jewell is not around to enjoy all the positive publicity he’s getting these days. He certainly endured enough of the bad kind when he was living.

What in the world is a meme?


My wife and I traveled to Columbus, Ohio recently to visit our daughter Abby and her family, and to attend an Ohio State football game. 

Do it, anyway: first in a series


I heard them from two blocks away.

A man screaming. A woman crying. 

She was so much smaller than he was, that at first I did not even see her. 

Did a book change your mind?


The bookshelves in my study at home are full, so any additional book that I buy or borrow – I don’t believe I’ve ever stolen one – goes on the floor.