Reasons to vote Republican


Election time is finally upon us. 

Measured in sunrises and sunsets, 2020 has been like any other year. Measured in mental stress, it has been a lifetime.  

Fear, panic increase risk to pandemic virus


While the number of positive cases have been increasing in a certain locality, the level of intensity from people concerned with COVID-19 virus have also heightened their fears causing panic to som

The longest search, Part 2


On Oct. 5, 1988, the Graham County Rescue Squad was advised of the search for Jim Michelic, a 25-year-old Wisconsin man who went missing after last being seen on the Wolf Laurel Trail on Sept. 27.

Goin’ against the grain


Shout-out to the first presidential debate for reinforcing why I hate analyzing, discussing or even thinking about politics.

Three strikes and … are you out?


This past week will go down in history as the week of multiple bombshells never seen before in Presidential elections. We are in uncharted territory, as we have been for the past few years.