Bill helps journalism right way


There have been some rather disingenuous attempts to “help” journalism by state and federal officials who wanted a degree of control in recent years. 

Decisions have lasting impact


By Lynne Stevens

Guest Columnist

Exactly what do we in Graham County care about judges given lifetime jobs on the Federal and Supreme Court? 

Respect for our Supreme Court


The Supreme Court of the United States is one of three branches of the Federal Government. Congress and the Executive Branch are the other two. 

Will drive-ins make a comeback?


Okay, so you’re tired of watching movies on TV. 

You want to see something on the big screen, even if it’s a movie you’ve seen before. 

What are you going to do? 

A patch of weeds, or a garden grows


A few weeks ago, this column was critical of the establishment of a new National Space Force. Just what we need when NASA is being privatized and nearly 35 million people are unemployed.